City Of Music online!

Written By st-303 almost 6 years ago

My next EP is on online. Theme is "City Of Music" and every track represents something that came me in mind when I think about a city. Acid, Techno, Drum'n'Bass & Ambient styles are the focus on this EP. [More...]

New Album online!!! "Next Level EP"

Written By st-303 about 6 years ago

The next album is on soundcloud now online. Some tracks are new remakes of older tracks, also I used more analog synthesizers. Of course the tracks of Roland's 60secondsessions competition are included. So hier is the link, listen, like, comment and share it!!! [More...]

"Skater Girl LP" is online!

Written By st-303 almost 7 years ago

My newest album is online! Check it out: [More...]

Next Album is finished soon!

Written By st-303 almost 7 years ago

My next album/LP is in the last phase of production. Maybe one or two tracks has to be produced, but it's going on. The title of the LP is "Skater Girl" and the style is a mix of trance, acid and electro. Of course, I used all my synths and drum machines, produced tracks with three TB patterns at once and other intresting sounds. So watch out for the LP, it comes soon on Soundcloud! [More...]

Next Short: "Make-Up"

Written By st-303 over 7 years ago

The next short is in development. This time it's a short story about two girls who are getting ready for party night. They aren't nice to themselfes, but it should be a funny way between them. [More...]

Back online

Written By st-303 almost 8 years ago

My website is back online and all music and movie projects are also linked. Of course my last short "Snow Girl" is already online and you can find it under the movies. Furthermore, there is a OST for "Snow Girl" on my music page. [More...]